Deskzilla Lite for Windows 10


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Deskzilla Lite is a desktop client for Bugzilla (tm) bug tracking system, free for small projects with less than 1,000 bugs. It delivers features for better productivity and improved working environment for Bugzilla users. Deskzilla downloads bug information from Bugzilla and stores it in a local database. You can view and edit bugs and upload changes to Bugzilla. Additionally, it indexes all downloaded bugs, providing you with search capabilities and live statistical numbers. Benefits: (a) Increased project visibility: use issue breakdown structure and live issue counters to monitor and analyze the state of a project (b) Greater mobility: work with local copies of your issues when you are offline. The changes are synchronized to the server automatically when you become online. (c) Improved productivity: save time by using interactive desktop application interface. Key Features: (a) Offline availability via cached bug records. (b) Issue breakdown structure with queries and sub-queries. (c) Instant issue counters providing immediate insight into the state of the project. (d) Visual merge for merging parallel conflicting changes for a single bug. (e) Screenshot capturing and editing tool. (f) Aggregated access to several Bugzilla accounts in one rich user interface.